Academic Eligibility Information

John Glenn has very high expectations for student athletes’ performance in the classroom.  All student athletes must meet both initial and continuing eligibility according to district guidelines to be able to participate in interscholastic athletics.

Initial Eligibility

For a student athlete to begin competition he/she must meet the  district guidelines for academic eligibility.  To be certified as eligible to compete, student athletes must pass 4 of 6 classes with a minimum of a 1.8 GPA to be eligible to start the season.

Fall and Winter student athletes must achieve a 1.8 GPA and pass four classes in the previous Spring semester.  Spring student athletes must achieve a 1.8 GPA and be passing 4 of 6 classes at the end of the first semester prior to the start of the first day of practice of their season.

If a student is not passing four classes at the time grades are checked for initial eligibility, he/she is ineligible for the entire season.  However, if the student has passed four classes but has not achieved a 1.8 GPA, he/she is ineligible for one calendar week. He/she must pick up a progress report in the main office and may have the opportunity to earn their eligibility.  These students must participate in the progress report program each week for the remainder of the season.

Continuing Eligibility

Grades are checked for athletic eligibility at each card marking of the semester.  When grades are checked, all student athletes must achieve a minimum of a 1.8 GPA and be passing 4 of their 6 classes.  Students who do not achieve either of these bench marks are ineligible for the following calendar week and must then participate in the progress report program.

Progress Report Program

If a student athlete is required to participate in the progress report program, he/she will be required to turn in a progress report each week for the remainder of his/her season.  Students on a progress report are ineligible for one calendar week beginning on the Sunday following the grade check.  Students must pick up a progress report in the athletic office and take it to each of his/her teachers.  Each teacher will update the grade on the progress report and give any appropriate feedback.  The student athlete is required to turn the progress report in to the athletic office by 4pm on the Thursday of the week they are declared ineligible.

If the student turns in the progress report by 4pm on Thursday AND he/she has received 4 passing grades with a minimum of a 1.8 GPA, then they are declared eligible for competition beginning the Sunday after their card is returned.  If they do not turn in the card by 4pm on Thursday or their grades do not meet district guidelines, they are ineligible for another week and the process is repeated until they achieve eligibility standards.  Students may continue to practice while they are ineligible although multiple weeks of ineligibility will result in loss of privileges to practice.

Summer School

Students have the opportunity to take summer school to replace failing grades from the school year.  In order for a summer school grade to be counted for Fall eligibility, it must be a grade from a class that was failed in the SPRING semester.  Classes that are repeated over the summer as a result of a failure during the previous FALL semester will not count toward athletic eligibility for Fall sports.

Grading Scale

For the purposes of athletic eligibility, a student must achieve 11 grade points and the grading scale is as follows:

  • A+, A, A-  =  4 points
  • B+, B, B-  =  3 points
  • C+, C, C-  =  2 points
  • D+, D, D-  =  1 point
  • E               =  0 points