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Multi-Sport Athletic Participation Initiative

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The John Glenn Athletic Department offers a wide variety of athletic opportunities to our student athletes. There are many benefits to being involved in interscholastic sports and we are working to encourage more students to participate in after school sports. In partnership with the MHSAA, we are promoting participation in multiple sports throughout the course of a school year. Studies have shown that specializing in a particular sport can lead to injuries, due to overuse of a particular muscle group. Additionally, by being involved in multiple sports, a student athlete will have more opportunities for post-high school athletic participation and the potential to earn scholarships. The vast majority of athletes, however, do not earn athletic scholarships and the purpose of interscholastic sports is for student athletes to have fun, build relationships and learn the value of hard work as a member of a team.

By participating in school sports, a student athlete has the opportunity to build relationships with their peers and the coaches, that teach not only the fundamentals of their respective sport but also qualities that help student athletes develop to become better people. Multi-sport participation is part of the philosophy of John Glenn Athletics and we encourage you to read more about this topic.

The links listed below will provide more insight into our athletic initiative.

ESPN Article

Washington Interscholastic Athletics Association

Michigan High School Athletic Association

National Federation of State High School Associations

Student athletes that participate and complete two or more sports throughout a school year and maintain eligibility standards, will earn a John Glenn Athletics Multi-Sport Athlete shirt. Three sport athletes will also earn a plaque, in addition to the t-shirt and KLAA Three-Sport Athlete varsity jacket patch.

It doesn’t matter what sport you are interested in pursuing or thinking about trying. Go out and have fun and give it your best shot. You will never regret trying something and experiencing new things. If a sport isn’t for you, that is fine, but at least you will know because you had this experience.

For more information, please contact the John Glenn Athletic Department (

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